Print, digital and everything in between.

For over 35 years, clients have been coming to DSE for smart ideas on how to improve their image, gain market share and motivate customers to buy their products or services. During this time we've enjoyed meeting and collaborating with some of the finest people, organizations and corporations in the U.S. and abroad. Our mission is simple—help you grow your business through effective design, marketing and advertising. Whether your business is a start-up or a well-established corporation, we have the experience to help build your brand and shape customer behavior. We believe you can achieve great marketing success with big ideas rather than just big budgets. (Don't get us wrong, big budgets are welcome too!)

What we deliver

Our Services

• Setting missions & visions
• Researching competition
• Identifying segments & positioning
• Advertising & marketing strategies
• Analyzing results to refine plans
Brand Development
• Brand auditing
• Brand strategy
• Corporate identity
• Identity standards
• Brand extension & care
• Identity development
• Annual reports
• Marketing collateral
• Packaging
• Event branding
• Marketing & promotion
• Signage & way finding
Digital Design and Marketing
• Web design & development
• Social media campaigns
• Digital campaigns
• Video scripting and design
• Email marketing
• Strategy & planning
• Fully integrated campaigns
• Direct response
• Campaign analysis

Leadership Team

Mark Lo Bello

Principal, Creative Director

With over 35 years of experience in developing effective branding and communications, I have collaborated with a wide range of leading organizations, start-ups and non-profits.

Some of my client engagements include Informa, Malcolm Pirnie, Skanska USA Building Inc., The Valley Health System, PSE&G, Verizon, ChaseMellon Shareholders, Con Edison Communications, IWA (International Water Association), MetLife, New York Life, Siemens Medical Solutions to name a few.

A graduate of Pratt Institute, I've earned design awards from IABC, ADNJ, PeRCY, Ad Club of New Jersey, Business Marketing Association, STMPS and other leading organizations.

My work has been featured in Print Magazine, Graphic Design USA and other major design publications.

What people are saying about Mark

"What would I do without Mark? I hope I never need to find out. He has been my go-to creative mind for many years. He understands his clients, their markets and their goals—and it shows in his work. He wows me year after year with every campaign. He keeps his designs fresh and gets to the heart of my audience. Beyond outstanding design work, Mark gets the business side of what his clients need. He’s an artist, but also a master of creating work that generates revenue. It’s this rare combination that makes Mark so good at what he does. He also happens to be a genuine human with high standards and a heart of gold. He has been a mentor to me and you will be wowed by him. I promise. Call him!"
Liz Bothwell Head of Content & Marketing, Informa; Host, NothingWasted! Podcast

"Mark is unique in many ways. First he is a storyteller who has the command of graphic design, art direction and color, which allows him to metaphorically capture the essence of your brand, company or products. Mark is a professional, highly reliable, fast, and smarter than you. Give him creative freedom and you won't be disappointed. I rely on Mark for presentations, website design, package design, and creative insights. Mark's not afraid to let you know your ideas won't work and he will show you a better way. He's also fun to have a drink with after hours".
Tim Tennant CEO, CMO, Creative Oriented disruptive thinker, Strategist and Storyteller for businesses of all types.

"Mark and I have collaborated for 20 years on hundreds of branding, print and digital projects for clients. He is a creative problem solver, excellent designer and a consummate professional. Mark knows how to tell a story, visually and with compelling written content. His design is clean, graphic and dead on. Above all, Mark is great to work with; he's a quick study, delivers results on time, and always has a sense of humor."
Nancy Coopersmith Vice President at Reichman Frankle Inc.

"I have known Mark since I was an intern in 2006 and have worked with him very recently on multiple projects. He helped me develop marketing brochures, ads and direct mailing campaigns. In addition, I just started my own marketing consulting firm and he created my company logo and assisted with the design of my website. He really understands branding and messaging and how to effectively communicate with your client base and of course look good while doing it! I would recommend Mark without hesitation to anyone needing a graphic design partner."
Jessica Vail President, Vail Marketing Solutions LLC

"It's rare to find a creative director as skillful and dedicated as Mark. I've had the privilege of working alongside him for over two years, and his design skills are unparalleled. He's a pleasure to collaborate with and any company would benefit from his vision and acuity."
Ethan Andersen Communications Director | Forbes Council Contributor | Earned & Paid

"Saying that I am a "client" of Mark is a bit misleading. Mark is a friend of a friend who volunteered to help our struggling small company stay afloat during COVID-19. We are a catering company. With the shelter-at-home mandates in place, we had to switch directions. Rather than catering for groups, we are now providing individual hot meals for first responders, hospital staff and surgical centers as well as heat-and-eat meals for at home delivery. This is a brand new venture for us. Mark has been invaluable in creating posts, emails, etc. and in helping me navigate the strange new world (for me) of Social Media. He has worked hard so hard for our company! We are making slow, but steady progress in getting the word out about our new programs. We could not have done it without the assistance of Mark. His creativity is amazing. If I had a thimble full of his knowledge and creativity, I would be a happy person! I would highly recommend Mark Lo Bello!"

Pat Tilson
Owner at Figs and Honey Catering

Sharon M. Cirillo

Wordsmith, Head Storyteller

You have something to say, but struggle to find the right words. You may be in corporate, an entrepreneur, the best-kept secret in your space, or on the sidelines ready to step into new or different shoes.

Knowledgeable and encouraging, you wonder if you have the expertise, time, or accomplishments enough to bring your personality and platforms to the world, but you’re ready! You know the "secret sauce" is being vulnerable in the face of judgment, acting despite fear, and the value of strategic partnerships. Longing to share triumphs, failures, and fumbles, you become a mirror for others to see their reflection and possibility. Your mess is the message that led you successfully through many facets of life, both business and personal.

More than a just brand, book, website, business, or blog, you are a living, breathing testament to your "who," not merely your "do." You dug deep to find your "why," and now have a story to tell. I can help.  

‍As your writing partner, I dig with you, putting words to your feelings, and weaving threads across all the media you need to be seen and heard. It's fresh icing for your existing cake or a brand-new recipe for success. Reach out and draw in the people you serve, as they feel your sincerity, and see themselves in you or the company you represent.

What people are saying about Sharon

"Through the years I have had the privilege to be subject of quality media on every end. As a journalist I must confess that my experience with Sharon was one of the most enjoyable, exhaustible, and authentic experiences I have had as a professional. Sharon's writing style will extract the heart of the individual or brand concept and bring to surface a story that will grasp the reader with clarity and precision. Sharon is an undercover powerhouse and I look forward to working with and alongside of her in the future."
David Tyree Director of Player Engagement, New York Football Giants.

"Sharon is the queen of content and context. She was integral in us getting “Standing O! Encore” out not just on time but on point. Her ability to assimilate information and put it in a cohesive and compelling story is remarkable. She is bright, creative, ambitious and easy to work with. Above all Sharon is a world class human being that I highly recommend. Any questions at all regarding Sharon please contact me."

Scott MacGregor Founder & CEO at SomethingNew LLC, Author of Standing O! & Standing O! Encore

"Sharon is an unbelievable writer. She has helped me frame content for presentations, write content for books and develop content for my target audience. She is amazing to work with. I would highly recommend her for anyone who needs company content developed for their business brand as well as personal content (writing a book). I can’t say enough great things about her."
Jaime Lannon Diglio Senior Advisor, Slalom

"Working with Sharon has been a pleasure. Not only is she a talented writer, she brings a level of sensibility and compassion combined with common sense that makes her stand out from the rest. From the process she follows to her attention to details and timeliness, I highly recommend Sharon to any business owner and author who needs her talent and support. She’s a gem."
Dr. Ginny A. Baro, MBA, MS CEO ExecutiveBound, International Leadership Coach, Motivational Speaker, Career Strategist, #1 Bestselling Author

"Sharon is SUNSHINE! She’s an incredibly talented author. Her gift is storytelling. Whether it’s clearly articulating her own or helping others tell their stories, she always pack a punch. The way she conveys her thoughts through words gives me chills. It’s like magic. You can see it happening, but you don’t quite understand how and, yet, it still happens. The end result is beautiful, but the journey is the best part of collaborating with Sharon! I highly recommend her as someone who can take your story to the next level!!"
Tabitha Cavanagh Vice President Talent Strategy, SomethingNew LLC

"Sharon is the quintessential writer who knows how to get to the heart of a story and her every word eloquently expresses and captures the sentiment and voice of her subject. She listens and quickly absorbs the facts, including the finer points and details that could otherwise be “lost in translation.” She hears the true voice of the person being interviewed with respect and asks the right probing questions to get at the heart of the matter with sensitivity for the nuance needed to represent not just the facts but the appropriate tone for what she writes.

Bottom line: Sharon is a consummate professional and gifted writer who exudes a rare combination of warmth, authenticity and attention to detail not often found in many reporters focused on just word count and deadlines!"

Ayo Sanderson Wilson Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President at Cornerstone Family Programs and Morristown Neighborhood House

"I have had the great pleasure and honor to know Sharon for nearly 2 decades. As a person, she is the highest of quality, which is transformed into her writing. Her heart and passion can be read in every word she writes. She takes the mundane, complicated and technical and turns it into, exciting, essential and easy to understand. Sharon’s level of detail and consideration for the message I’m trying communicate is never lost, yet it always sounds better coming from her. I enjoy and look forward to every opportunity I have to work with her. On a scale of 1 -10, she’s a 100."
Thomas J. O’Connell President at International Financial Advisory Group, Inc.